Date of Award

Summer 6-1-1962

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Kenneth R. Berry

Second Advisor

Dohn A. Miller

Third Advisor

Charles Wright


Since most communities surrounding every school contain unlimited opportunities for students to learn, it is necessary that these community resources be located and made known to the school and the teacher before they can be utilized in the school program. Therefore, a comprehensive inventory of such resources is essential, as is the systematic recording of survey findings, formulation of school policies concerning use of community resources, and the diffusion of this information to all personnel concerned. In turn such an organized program may have an influential effect upon the following: 1. Provide the students with new educational learning resources for an insight of the community resources within the local and surrounding communities. This would include awareness of the established and newly established resources in the community and/or communities. 2. Informing teachers of the available local community resources by keeping up to date master files in a centralized location. 3. Closer school-community relations will develop from successful, well-organized utilization of community resource activities.