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This paper is aimed at to analyze the historical significance of the date of 5th of May for Mexico and the United States. The Documental Argumentative Research method was used for this research, and it is concluded that this victory had a profound historical significance and relevance not only for Mexico but also for the United States, representing an important symbol of national patriotism. This date was forming a path of the new Chicano, the new Latino, a new future strategically minded, as an opportunity to educate, inform and inspire the public good, to reexamine Mexico and the Mexico-American history, and identify how the cultural and socio-collective network is constructed.


This article was originally published in Revista Dilemas Contemporáneos: Educación, Política y Valores. The full-text article from the publisher can be found here.


Revista Dilemas Contemporáneos: Educación, Política y Valores