The basidiomycete genus Favolaschia in New Zealand

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Four species of Favolaschia are accepted for New Zealand: F. calocera, F. pustulosa, and two new species F. cyatheae and F. austrocyatheae. Favolaschia cyatheae, F. austrocyatheae, and F. pustulosa are native to New Zealand. Favolaschia calocera, first described from Madagascar, has also been previously reported from New Zealand, Norfolk Island, and Italy. We report a wider geographical distribution for this species. Levels of genetic variation between collections suggest that F. calocera is paleotropical, native to Madagascar, southern China, and Thailand, with recent (probably human‐induced) introductions to Norfolk Island, Kenya, Italy, New Zealand, and Reunion Island. ITS sequences show that the tiny monocotyledon‐inhabiting F. minima is not a Favolaschia; it is here transferred to Panellus. Taxonomic descriptions, illustrations, distribution maps within New Zealand, and a key to the Favolaschia species known from New Zealand are provided, together with a discussion on past miscitations of the genus Favolaschia and its species.


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