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The Central Washington University Jazz Recording Archive, The Analog Years in Digital: 1946-2000, is every known CWU analog jazz recording converted to digital audio.

• This annotation of analog recordings contains extensive history. It is not a full history of jazz. Consult Music at Central Washington University for complete history.

• More than 425 analog magnetic tape recordings of concerts and recording sessions were digitized exactly as performed, and stored as electronic files in industry-standard Full Lossless Audio Codex (FLAC) format.

• Each selection from every concert or recording session was converted to a separate m4a or mp3 compressed audio file for easy access and distribution to standard digital audio players or streaming audio.

• Nearly 500 pages of annotation describe the details of each file and track. Many performances include written remembrances from the performers themselves.

• The CWU Department of Music maintains a sheet music database including PDF files of the printed music in the McIntyre Hall stacks. Links to the tracks as streaming audio files within the database are pending. •


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