Candidates' Assessment of a Principal Preparation Program

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The clear call for accountability has been heard throughout the country as it deals with the system of education in the United States. Students are expected to be accountable for their learning as measured by state or national tests. Teachers are held responsible for their students' learning. Colleges and Universities have not, and should not escape the microscopic focus of accountability either. The purpose of this article was to examine principal interns' pre and post self-assessment of their effectiveness on the ISLLC standards. A paired-samples t test was calculated to compare the mean pre self evaluation score to the mean post self evaluation score. The mean on the pre self evaluation was 1.5 (sd = 0.51), and the mean on the post self evaluation 3.08 (sd = 0.57). A significant increase in mean from pre self-evaluation to post self-evaluation was found (t(19) =-24.514, p less than 0.000). (Contains 5 tables.)


This article was originally published in Education.

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