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The president of the modern American teachers college is charged with the ultimate responsibility for the outcome of all of the activities of the institution over which he has jurisdiction. The selection of a president is the greatest single duty of the board of trustees. To him they look for the successful carrying out of all policies and for the conception and formulation of a great majority of them. To him they look for most of the leadership in their deliberations as well as for the subsequent execution of institutional affairs. He is the pivot around which revolve the activities of the board of trustees and the institution. With the increase in size and complexity of teachers colleges in the matters of enrollments, faculties, budgets, curricula, and physical plants, boards of trustees have been faced with the obligation of selecting an administrative head of proven administrative ability and recognized professional insight. Preparation for the successful handling of these diverse and complicated problems is not easy to attain.


This article was originally published in Educational Administration and Supervision.


Educational Administration and Supervision