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An issue faced by a CPA on a regular basis is how to persuade a client to take a recommended action. Maybe your client is unprepared financially for the future and needs to establish a retirement account. As much as your client understands the importance of planning for retirement, the allure of a new car or a kitchen renovation may be too great, and that sensible alternative you are recommending may be ignored until some uncertain future date. Or, maybe the client’s internal controls are inadequate. For many small businesses, where trust in employees is paramount, internal controls may be weak or lacking. You would like to persuade your client to consider implementing some critical controls over petty cash. How do you best communicate this need to your client? How can you persuade him/her to accept your recommendation? There are many approaches to persuasion. This paper outlines an effective method of persuasion that CPAs may apply.


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International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities

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