A Conversation about Globalization and Culture: Theirs and Ours

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The severe pace of the recent wave of globalization, has forced an unprecedented level of inter-cultural communication, which seemingly aids the process of integration while celebrating diversity Values and identities that stem from that interaction, however, sometimes serve as powerful vehicles for new systems of "othering." Unique "values" and their ability to create a more harmonious system has been a troubled concept despite !ls promise of celebration of diversity. For some it remains an attempt to assert the importance of diversity and differentiate in particular between the East and the West, For others, such delineation is a formula for destroying the hope of true universalism. This paper attempts to navigate this divide through a conversation about what may or may not be values, identity and how it is influenced by economic globalization. It explores 1he deeply heterogeneous character of value systems, apparently shared by individuals. In emphasizing this heterogeneity, it troubles the "belief" that integrative economic globalization will necessarily deliver a moral universalism and thus help create a more integrated human society,


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