An analytical network process-based framework for successful total quality management (TQM): An assessment of Turkish manufacturing industry readiness

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In this study, we have developed an analytic network process (ANP)-based framework to identify the level of impact of different factors on total quality management (TQM) implementation and to assess the readiness of the Turkish manufacturing industry to adopt TQM practices. ANP is a methodology recently introduced by Saaty for multiple criteria problems where there is feedback and interdependence among decision attributes and alternatives. We determined the factors that affect the level of implementation of TQM by doing literature searches and further refined those factors through a survey conducted among 250 large manufacturing companies in Turkey. We ended up with 32 factors. When we applied the model into large manufacturing companies zero defect and costly and long-term study turned out to be the most influential factors contrary to those of survey respondents’ quality improvement and higher revenue. The results of our decision model show that the Turkish manufacturing industry has a readiness level of 59.2% for implementing TQM. Model identifies a number of factors for successful application; therefore, an understanding of the critical factors would help managers to advance TQM implementation. Since there is feedback and interdependence among these factors, ANP proves to be an effective framework for assessing readiness to adopt TQM and facilitating TQM implementation.


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