A Conceptual Framework for Prototyping Outsourcing in New Product Development: A Knowledge-based View

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Finance and Supply Chain Management

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to propose a conceptual framework for prototyping outsourcing.

Design/methodology/approach – This study provides an up-to-date literature review and an in-depth case study.

Findings – This study identifies three factors (i.e. the degree of the prototyping to core competence, prototyping complexity, and supplier’s capability of providing knowledge and speed for prototyping) and three types of risks (i.e. losing control over suppliers, dependency on suppliers, and supplier’s lack of capabilities) for prototyping outsourcing decisions.

Practical implications – This paper provides guidelines for new product development managers in order to mitigate the risks associated with outsourcing and achieve effective prototyping.

Originality/value – This study provides a strategic outsourcing framework for prototyping.


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