Strategic End-of-life Management of Electronic Assembly Product Recovery in Sustainable Supply Chain Systems

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Finance and Supply Chain Management

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In the past decade, technological advances in electronic data management have spurred economic growth while constant innovation and changing market forces have transformed the electronics industry into one of the most competitive business in the world. This industry is material constrained in which new products are constantly being introduced while used products are redesigned and recycled to support enhanced functionality. In this article, we discuss a case study based on a product recovery problem faced by an electronics company that faces complex materials separation while there is a need to balance holding and processing costs with fluctuating commodity markets for recovered materials. Based on our analysis, it is clear that reverse product flow offer unique opportunities for firms to create additional shareholder wealth while it is important to recognise the significant value remaining in product returns and the sensitivity to time that exists in such reverse logistics sustainable supply chains.


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International Journal of Operational Research