Psychological Capital: A New Lens for Understanding Employee Fit and Attitudes

Milan D. Larson, University of Northern Colorado
Steven M. Norman, Colorado State University - Pueblo
Larry W. Hughes, Nebraska Wesleyan University
James B. Avey, Central Washington University


The purpose of this study is to investigate whether or not the similarities between employees' and their leaders' psychological capital () adds to the understanding of person-organization fit, employee engagement, and job satisfaction. This study examines working adults (N=1002), mostly from the U.S. Results indicate that the insights to understanding person-to-organization fit are enhanced when employees' and leaders' PsyCap levels are similar. While the concept of fit between employees and their work environment is not new, this is the first empirical assessment considering the extent of PsyCap similarity between leaders and followers as it relates to person-to-organization fit. Implications from this study as well as recommendations for future studies are discussed.