Investigating Adoption of E-Procurement Systems: An Empirical Study

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Finance and Supply Chain Management

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This paper attempts to provide insights into current E-procurement practices. A survey was conducted among 342 members of Institute of Supply Management –Western Washington (ISM-WW), the local chapter of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). This paper reports on the findings of the survey conducted. The research helped the author to identify numerous critical success factors to effective implementation, key factors in making the decision to implement E-procurement systems, problems encountered during the implementation, and unanticipated things that were not considered in a company's original plan to implement E-procurement systems as well as the benefits that the companies gained as a result of successful E-procurement implementation. The author's aspiration is that the results of the survey will help companies develop a better understanding of use and implementation of E-procurement systems and avoid the problems encountered by other firms.


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