Using Documentary-Type Films to Discuss Ethical Business Issues

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Myers (October, 2005) offers suggestions for changing course in Accounting education. Two very specific suggestions included emphasis of communication skills and real-world cases to broaden students’ educational experience. Morris (August, 2006) asserts that students often learn valuable ethics lessons by watching films such as “The Firm”, “Broiler Room”, and “Wall Street”. While lessons from these fictional movies are excellent ways to build discussion of ethical issues and peak students’ interest, our assertion is that documentary-type videos may provide more reality and current event interest for the students. The purpose of our research presentation is to offer suggestions of ethical issues that can be discussed in three recent documentary-type videos:”A Day without a Mexican” (immigration issues and costs of products), “Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Prices” (employee quality of life issues and costs of products), and “Iraq for Sale” (the war and effects of private companies providing so many services). The goal is to enhance critical thinking skills, ethical reasoning skills, and communication skills among Business students.


American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences Conference

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