Moving toward a Better Business Model for the Millennial Generation

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Recent literature, which focuses on the millennial generation, finds that their attitudes towards the banking industry make it number one on a list of industries likely to experience severe disruption in its business model in the future. The Brookings’ papers on 21st Century Capitalism, carefully examines the culture and values of a generation that, because of its size and its unique experience, is likely to dominate American culture for years to come. This analysis builds on these findings from Brookings, to explore the importance of ideology in the policy-making circles, and how the recent financial meltdown attests to the serious consequences, dislocations, and expensive disruptions that occur when ideologies dominate economic policy making. The papers also explores how one may rescue ethical discourse from ideological imprisonment and thus move society toward a solution-focused policy environment based on ethical discourse, and thus help in the building of the business models, which the millennial generation can trust.


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