Enhancing exercise experience with individual multi-emotion provoking game elements

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In this work we present a new affective game design method that includes multi-emotion provoking and continuous game elements. Evaluated with our physical cycling exergaming system it extends our previously designed single-emotion game scene approach. In addition we introduce new entertaining content that includes game elements to provoke both physical and mental stress as well as emotions with a controlled intensity to provide an exciting but not taxing exercise. Our previously developed analysis method for facial expressions and physiological data has been enhanced by a near real-time emotion evaluation, to allow the system to adapt the gameplay dynamically and in this work new multi-emotion provoking game elements are introduced. A case study with 25 participants have been conducted to showcase and evaluate the enhancing exercise experience by individual multi-emotion provoking game elements.


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2017 IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence (SSCI)


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