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Fundamental challenges and goals of the cognitive algorithms are moving super-intelligent machines and super-intelligent humans from dreams to reality. This paper is devoted to a technical way to reach some specific aspects of super-intelligence that are beyond the current human cognitive abilities. Specifically the proposed technique is to overcome inabilities to analyze a large amount of abstract numeric high-dimensional data and finding complex patterns in these data with a naked eye. Discovering patterns in multidimensional data using visual means is a long-standing problem in multiple fields and Data Science and Modeling in general. The major challenge is that we cannot see n-D data by a naked eye and need visualization tools to represent n-D data in 2-D losslessly. The number of available lossless methods is quite limited. The objective of this paper is expanding the class of such lossless methods, by proposing a new concept of Generalized Shifted Collocated Paired Coordinates. The paper shows the advantages of proposed lossless technique by proving mathematical properties and by demonstration on real data.


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2016 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN)


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