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Video applications have been increasingly dominating worldwide mobile network traffic in the last years. The growing popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices, on demand and surveillance video services, multimedia social networking, the latest advances in video coding and transmission, and the significant increase in mobile network capacity have all contributed to this global phenomenon. Both challenges and opportunities have emerged in multiple research disciplines involving video signal processing, 4G such as LTE (Long Term Evolution) and even 5G mobile networks, mobile cloud computing, Big Visual Data, mobile user experience, and so on. Research in these leading-edge areas has been gaining accelerated global momentum in both developing and developed economies. Therefore, it is high time to call for contributions to further stimulate the continuing efforts to resolve the intrinsic conflicts between resource-demanding video applications and resource-constrained mobile networks, optimise video networking performance in mobile networks and achieve improved Quality of Experience (QoE) for end users, and leverage cloud computing and other cutting-edge technologies and standards in supporting adaptive, secure, energy-efficient, and reliable video delivery in various mobile systems.


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