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Coesite provides direct evidence for ultrahigh pressure metamorphism. Although coesite has been found as inclusions in zircon in paragneiss of the north Qaidam Mountains, it has never been identified in eclogite. In this contribution, based on petrographic observations and in situ Raman microprobe spectroscopy, coesite was identified as inclusions in garnet of eclogite from the Aercituoshan, Dulan UHP metamorphic unit, north Qaidam Mountains. Coesite is partly replaced by quartz, showing a palisade texture. This is the first report on coesite in eclogite from the north Qaidam Mountains, and is also supported by garnet-omphacite-phengite geothermobarometry (2.7–3.25 GPa, 670–730°C). Coesite and its pseudomorphs have not been found in eclogites and associated rocks of other units of the north Qaidam Mountains. Further studies are required to confirm if all metamorphic units in the north Qaidam Mountains underwent the ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism.


Chinese Science Bulletin


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