Radiologists' Expectations of Changes in Radiology Fellowship Training Programs

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In 2010, the ABR began the implementation of a new certification process in diagnostic radiology in which prospective diplomates take a comprehensive examination at the end of 3 years of residency and a final certifying examination 15 months after the completion of the 4-year residency. The majority of newly trained radiologists spend 1 year after residency in fellowship training. The aim of this study was to determine whether radiologists expect changes in radiology fellowship training programs in response to the new ABR certifying process.


An online survey was conducted between October and December 2009, in which active members of 3 radiology societies were invited to respond. Questions were asked regarding expectations of changes in radiology fellowship programs: changes during the current academic year (2009-2010), expectations of changes in the next 3 years, and expectations of changes resulting from the change in the ABR certification process.


There were 342 responses to the invitation, for a response rate of ≥22.9%. Most radiology fellowship program directors and radiologists affiliated with fellowship programs saw few changes in their programs in the recent past and expected no significant changes over the next 3 years. Substantial minorities of both groups, however, expected increases in salary and workload. Regarding expected changes in radiology fellowships as a result of changes in the ABR certification process, the 3 groups (directors and affiliated and nonaffiliated radiologists), except recent fellows (29 of 342), expected no significant changes. Most of the recent fellows expected to see some increases in the numbers of applicants, positions filled internally, and positions filled by senior residents and the importance of doing fellowships.


Radiologists saw few changes in their fellowship programs in the recent past and expected no significant changes over the next 3 years and no significant changes as a result of the new ABR certification process.


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