Inhibition by saccharin of glucose-6-phosphatase: effects of alloxan in vivo and deoxycholate in vitro

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Inhibition by saccharin of rat liver glucose-6-phosphatase (EC generally decreased as the pH increased in the range pH 4–8. This pattern was exhibited by homogenates from control and alloxan-treated animals assayed each in the absence and presence of 0.2% (w/v) deoxycholate. Saccharin inhibited in competitive fashion with respect to glucose-6-phosphate (glucose-6-P). There was a small increase in Km (glucose-6-P) but not Ki (saccharin) values in alloxan-treated rats when assays were conducted in the absence of deoxycholate. In the presence of this detergent there was no significant difference in these kinetic parameters between the alloxan-treated and control groups. Deoxycholate decreased Km (glucose-6-P) and increased Ki (saccharin) values. Calculations using these kinetic parameters indicate that, under usual hepatic glucose-6-P concentrations and relatively high levels of saccharin in liver, the inhibition by saccharin of glucose-6-phosphatase is unlikely to be of major significance in vivo.


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