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Biological Sciences

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Spring 1935


The greatest fossil forest in the world is located within easy driving distance of the University of Washington campus in the State of Washington, near the Columbia River, east of the city of Ellensburg. Mr. George F. Beck, a member of the faculty of the Ellensburg State Normal School, and a former graduate student of the College of Forestry of the University of Washington, discovered this forest, which is now known as the Ginkgo Forest State Park. Aside from its importance from a scientific point of view, this "petrified forest," which contains a greater variety of species than any other similar deposit in the world, is becoming the mecca of tourists to the State of Washington. Every forester and lumberman should seize the first opportunity to visit this interesting spot.


This article was originally published in The University of Washington Forest Club Quarterly.


The University of Washington Forest Club Quarterly

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