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The modern market is centralized around technological advances that improve and better everyday life. With approximately 150 million Americans that use corrective eye-ware on a daily basis, the need for improved technology in glasses cases is inevitable. Current glasses cases work to either protect the glasses and are big and bulky, or are made smaller to be more easily transported. The concept is to take any pair of glasses and make a custom case for them. The programs being utilized to complete the project are solidworks and excel. The process is started by making a base layout of the glasses case in solidworks. Then a excel spreadsheet was made. Linking an excel spreadsheet to solidworks enables rapid input of new dimension to adjust solidworks drawing to the correct or new size. This provides a quick way to make my case fit any pair of glasses, no matter the dimensions. The solidworks model is then saved as a Stereolithography file and sent to the 3-d printer. The cases came out fully functional and open and close perfectly. From sit down to completed glasses case depends on the size of the glasses the case was modeled around. The more cubic inches the case is, the longer it takes to print. The first case took 10 hours to print.

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Spring 5-27-2015


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