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Living in the Pacific Northwest has many perks when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. All of the seasons can be enjoyed, as well as being completely surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and mountains. Being someone who continuously enjoys the outdoors year-round it’s always fun to try new hobbies. The problem with owning a dirt bike is that most people ride during the dryer and warmer seasons of the year. This project would enable the bike to be ridden even during the snowy winter season. Riding a dirt bike in snow has been recently explored by only a few companies the past few years. Why not design our own working system? A Honda Cr250r dirt bike became the test model and a front mount for a snow ski was designed. This ski would replace the front wheel/tire, while a paddle tire would be implemented at the rear of the bike. After all thirteen parts are machined from the CNC, table mill, band saw, and surface grinders, the device is considered complete and will be properly mounted to the dirt bike. When tested, the dirt bike should handle well in the snow by making tight turns, long sweeping turns, and tracking straight with ease. The ski mount device will also allow the front ski to pivot in the upward position from 20-45°, while also pivoting downward at least 10-25°. This will allow a rider to enjoy dirt biking all year-round.

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Spring 5-27-2015


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MX Snow Ski