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Each year electric vehicles become more and more popular. The electric vehicle that the Central Washington University Electric Vehicle Club is building needs a front suspension. The vehicle is being built to compete in the Electrathon America Race in May of 2015. The suspension attaches to the wheels and attaches to the frame of the vehicle and provides bump dampening. The suspension was built was using a single swing arm type design. This design consists of six parts that are welded and bolted together to connect the wheel to the frame. The shock absorber that is attached to the single swing arm that absorbs the shock of the vehicle's weight as it goes over irregularities in the road. The design of the suspension had to fit within the constraints of the preexisting frame. The suspension was manufactured using the tools in the Central Washington University Machine Shop and Power Lab for under $140. The suspension weighs 9.6lbs per side and is made of steel. Initial tests so far have shown that it is strong enough to hold the static load of the vehicle plus the driver. The suspension provides the wheels with the 50ft turning diameter requirements. The shock travel requirement will need some modifications before it meets the desired specification. The suspension is operational and is ready to undergo testing and eventually be ready to compete in the Electrathon America Race.

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Spring 5-27-2015


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Catmobile Front Suspension