A 5-stage cross-cultural reentry training model: proactive curriculum and training guide for exchange organization representatives, sponsor teachers a

Document Type

Graduate Project

Date of Award


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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Dr. Don Woodcock


This project is the result of an exporation into the process and product of cross-cultural reentry; that is, reentry into one's country of origin following an extended stay in a host country. The history of reentry training programs in the United States was researched, the process of cross-cultural adjustment was explored, and research involving the identity development of adolescents and the effects of stress on adolescents and adolescent sojourners was reviewed. Following a review o the research in these areas, an extensive five-stage curriculum model for cross-cultural reentry training was designed. The curriculum model includes a complete training outline, a guide for leaders/facilitators, suggested forms and documents for mailed correspondence and in-person training sessions, and activity suggestions for in-person training sessions.


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