An Analysis of Parental Rights in the Education of Their Children

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Graduate Project

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Master of Education (MEd)



First Advisor

Dr. John Green


This study presents an analysis of the parental rights involved in the selection and direction of the education of their children. Six kinds of source materials are examined in the study: 1) legal citations, annotations, and digests; 2) constitutions, laws, codes, statutes, rules, regulations, policies, and proceedings; 3) law reports, reviews and and analyses; 5) general reading lists, books and periodicals; and 6) related graduate degree dissertations. The major sources of information were court decisions, their analyses, and the professional law literature. However, other materials were also used. Much selection was necessary due to the vast amounts of legal information available. There were two major reasons for analysis of parents' rights in the affairs of learning and education of their children. They include 1) that many of the controversies involving parental rights have their roots in the various relationships in education among parents, children and the state, 3) parental rights in the education of children have been given relatively less attention than those rights in other areas. It can be concluded that the rights of parents and children are correlational, and should not be mutually exclusive, nor adversarial. Rights of parents continue to be clarified within the law so that parenting persits as an honorable, exciting, and possible activity in our society.


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