Diversity and Inclusion of Business Enterprises: A Comparative Analysis of Programs Used by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises

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Diversity and inclusion have profound impacts on business performance and economic prosperity in the United States of America. Many government agencies and professional organizations have programs such as small, disadvantaged, women, minority, veteran-owned, or service-disabled veteran-owned business enterprises. Different programs provide different, sometimes overlapping means and methods to promote diversity and inclusion, ensure nondiscrimination, and offer supportive services to these businesses. This paper presents a comparative analysis of programs used by contractors and consultants and highlights unique differences in objectives, qualifications, regulations, and limitations. The analyzed programs include but are not limited to small, disadvantaged, minority, and women business enterprises. The comparative analysis informs contractors and consultants to use programs in emerging continuums of business development and promote diversity and inclusion of business enterprises in construction.


This article was originally published in Construction Research Congress 2020. The full-text article from the publisher can be found here.

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Construction Research Congress 2020


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