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Master of Education (MEd)



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Everett A. Irish

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James G. Nylander

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Donald G. Goetschius


The purpose of this study was to partially evaluate the effectiveness of a kindergarten perceptual-motor training program in regard to improvement of motor skills. In this evaluation the primary effort will be to measure those aspects of readiness which are closely related to the specific objectives of the perceptual motor training program. A secondary effort will be made to evaluate the general efforts of the training on aspects of readiness less closely related to the specific objectives of the program. The hypothesis upon which the present study is predicated is that there will be significant difference in motor perception skills of the kindergarten children participating in perceptual motor training when compared with kindergarten children participating in a regular physical education program. A second hypothesis was that the experimental group i.e., the motor perception group would be significantly different as tested by the Johnson Fundamental Skill Test.