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Date of Degree Completion

Winter 2013

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Education Specialist (Ed.S.)



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Heath Marrs

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Ralf Greenwald

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Suzanne Little


A state level survey was conducted to examine interest regarding the integration of a neuropsychological perspective into school psychology practice among practicing school psychologists in Washington State. Potential respondents were contacted through e-mail and invited to participate in the original survey developed by the author. The 25 question survey sought to answer questions regarding neuropsychological training, attitudes and beliefs toward the incorporation of a neuropsychological perspective, current professional practices, interaction with neuropsychologists through referral and consultation, and potential barriers to the incorporation of a neuropsychological perspective. A total of 433 school psychologists completed the online survey for an approximate response rate of 42%. Results found a high level of interest in receiving more training in neuropsychology. However, school psychologists continue to report potential barriers towards the incorporation of a neuropsychological perspective. Comparisons to past findings as well as potential directions for future research are discussed.