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Fall 2017

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Master of Science (MS)


Mental Health Counseling

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Susan Lonborg

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Meaghan Nolte

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Elizabeth Haviland


Researchers recognize that creativity can play a significant role in counseling, both on the part of the counselor and the client. Additionally, creativity is a potentially important and overlooked area when it comes to counselor education. However, the full nature and impact of creativity in counseling is not fully understood. To examine the relationship between creativity and counseling in further detail, this study exposed participants to an analog counseling video of either a low or high creativity level displayed by the counselor. Participants were then asked to take a survey rating dimensions of the counselor's efficacy (i.e., expertness, attractiveness, trustworthiness) and creativity. They also completed two measures of their own creative ideation. Multiple linear regression equations were used to predict the dimensions of counselor efficacy from video type (low or high creativity) and participants’ creativity scores. Although there was no direct significant support for the hypothesis that the intervention of counseling creativity level would be associated with ratings of counselor efficacy, there were significant results indicating that participants’ creativity levels were associated with their perceptions of the counselor.



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