A rediscovered frontier: land use and resource issues in the new West

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A Rediscovered Frontier describes the changing land use issues taking place in the rapidly growing western United States, paying special attention to the previously unexplored area of private lands planning and local growth management. The book begins by exploring the term "New West,"and then describes prototypical land use patterns found throughout the West. It examines the spatial circumstances of rural and small town growth patterns, and provides examples of the kinds of development that could occur elsewhere in areas having similar geographic situations. The book takes a close look at Oregon's statewide planning approach to managing growth, and concludes with a forward-looking, cooperative approach to comprehensive planning. Intended as a text for college students taking courses in land use planning, a sourcebook for land use planning and environmental management professionals, as well as anyone who cares about western environments, A Rediscovered Frontier addresses the social, economic, political, and above all, geographical realities of land use in the West today.


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