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Graduate Project

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Master of Education (MEd)



Committee Chair

Don Woodcock

Second Committee Member

H. Williams

Third Committee Member

I. Lovero


The need for CAD/CAM/CNC curriculum for Washington State was researched. Based on research a resource workbook for CAD/CAM/CNC was in demand. In order to meet the demand for CAD/CAM/CNC curriculum and bridge the gap between the state standards, drafting frameworks, STEM curriculum, increased focus on implementation within multiple disciplines, providing a starting point for teachers who want to use CNC machinery in their program, and prepare students for quality jobs and careers related to CAD/CAM/CNC, a workbook was created. The workbook includes 27 hands-on lessons and projects, student handouts, applied STEM problems and activities, tutorials, drafting standards, state math standards, and equation sheets. The workbook is designed to be used as a resource for CAD/CAM/CNC teachers in Washington State.