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Graduate Project

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Master of Education (MEd)



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Lee Plourde

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Lanny Fitch

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Steve Schmitz


Most Algebra courses in Washington are supplemented with Washington Assessment of Student Learning (WASL) material. However, in the last two years, little more than half of Washington sophomores passed the math portion of the WASL; for about half of tenth graders the extra worksheets did little to no good. Students need relevant WASL material that correlates with the current math they are studying. In this manner, even though questions may be phrased differently, the material is familiar and so answering questions are more possible. Also, since new worksheets have multiple choice, teachers can discuss how most wisely to answer this type of question. The Project is made up of twelve worksheets each correlating to a chapter out of College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM), Algebra Connections. Each worksheet consists of multiple choice, short answers, and extended response questions and are in the same format as the WASL. Students, then, being familiar with the content have only to decipher the structure of the questions.