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Graduate Project

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Master of Education (MEd)



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Steven Nourse

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S. Schmitz

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M. Ross


The Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) in Washington State has adopted Common Core Standards. The reading curriculum given to teachers most often reflects the appropriate grade level materials, but does not necessarily meet common core standards, engage students in learning, or prepare students to pass the end of year exams. In this study, engaging classroom literacy activities will be developed and aligned with learning targets associated with common core standards for sixth grade students. A variety of materials will be used for activities to include: novel sets, picture books, social studies curriculum, and additional teacher resources. It is instrumental in the sixth grade that students start to have the desire to read more independently and develop a sense of who they are as readers. Implementing engaging activities using a variety of resources which link students to the world of literacy may increase their desire to become more effective readers. The problem is most literacy curriculum does not increase the desire for young adolescents to want to read more outside of the classroom.