Jashn-e Bahmangaan


Jashn-e Bahmangaan

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This song celebrates the Jashn-e Bahmangaan festival in Iran. On the day Bahman and the month Bahman, a celebration is held to honor the first Amshaaspand (Holy Immortal), representing AhuraMazdaa’s attribute of Good Thoughts (اندیشه نیک). Bahman is also known as Vohooman (وهومن), or Vohoomana (وهومنه). It means Good (خوب و نیک), Thinking (اندیشیدن), Remembering (به یاد آوردن), and understanding (دریافتن). According to the Zoroastrian/Iranian literature, Bahman represents the first creation of AhuraMazdaa. It was Bahman that taught humans the skills of thinking and problem solving. The wisdom and knowledge that people have (both acquired and innate) are gifts of the Creator so that they can continue to learn and improve their lives. That is the reason why Zoroaster emphasized freedom of choice (آزادیِ گزینش در زندگی) in his teachings. Before making important decisions, individuals are encouraged to consult with other wise and knowledgeable people. They are also encouraged to avoid unnecessary conflicts and wars by negotiating with the opponents and seeking peace.

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Jashn-e Bahmangaan