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Winter 3-10-2018


The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought significant innovation to fundamental science and research in recent years. This paper briefly reviews and analyzes the findings of research and development of AI technologies such as expert systems, natural language processing, pattern recognition, robotics and machine learning in the fields of library such as information retrieval, reference service, cataloging, classification, acquisitions, circulation and automation. By reviewing and analyzing research papers published on respected academic journals, studying the examples and practical cases of the latest AI applications in industry, this study finds that current AI applications in the field of library are still in the narrow AI or weak AI called machine learning phase. However, the emerging technologies such as Biometrics Identification, Robotics, Deep Learning and Neural Networks have been used by libraries and library automation. In particular, this paper looks into the possibilities of the application of general AI or strong AI into the field of Information Retrieval.


Abstract in English and Full Text in Chinese.


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