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To the Land of Unlimited Opportunities tell the storiies of the Finkbeiner and Gaiser families from the late 1700's until today.

To the Land of Unlimited Opportunities, ends with the deaths of John and Lydia Finkbeiner. This hardly ends our story. Their seven sons and daughters-in-law gave them thirty-two grandchildren, all but two reached adulthood. Sadly, their only daughter Esther passed away as a young adult in 1926. Five of the seven sons of John and Lydia became ministers of the gospel while two remained on the land and increased the size of the farm over the years. For many years, a Finkbeiner tradition has been an annual family picnic on Memorial Day weekend at the homestead. In 2000, this event celebrated the one-hundredth anniversary of the homestead with two-hundred-twenty in attendance. Twenty-one years have passed since then and we are a much larger family, each with our own stories.

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Carol Steinhauer






United States History


About the Author Carol Finkbeiner Steinhauer, a longtime resident of Bothell, Washington, is a devoted student of family history. Previously she has written Frontiersmen, Settlers, and Rustlers: the Pease Story (2014) about her maternal grandfather’s family and My Slovak Family: Madash Stories, from Old Country to New (2016) about her maternal grandmother’s family. Both are archived in the Ellensburg Library. Frontiersmen, Settlers, and Rustlers: the Pease Story is also archived at the University of Washington Library (Pacific Northwest Special Collection). She lives with Loren, her husband of fifty-four years. They have two sons, two daughters-in-law, and three grandchildren. Besides family history, her interests are reading and gardening.

To the Land of Unlimited Opportunities: Finkbeiner and Gaiser Stories