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Matthew Jones is Chair of the Mathematics Department at CSUDH and is actively engaged in mathematics education, particularly professional development for K-12 mathematics instructors and higher education faculty and inquiry-based and active learning for undergraduates in mathematics.

Sharon Lanaghan is a lecturer at CSUDH and is a founding member of the CSUDH Math Teachers’ Circle.

Carolyn Yarnall is an Assistant Professor at CSU Dominguez Hills. She led her first Math Circle session in 2016 at the University of Kentucky and has been working with the Math Teachers’ Circle at CSUDH for 3 years.


The CSUDH Math Teachers' Circle chose a focus on equity and social justice in 2020. The national focus on social justice caused us to reflect on what we can do to affect change regarding issues of equity and social justice in our society. In addition, the global pandemic caused us to shift our circle online, which presented both obstacles and opportunities. In this paper, we expand upon how we addressed various challenges faced in facilitating an online Math Teachers’ Circle, focusing on our experience facilitating sessions focused on equity and social justice and participants' reactions to this experience.

Description of Program

Math Teacher's Circle at CSUDH

Carson, CA


Contact information: mjones@csudh.edu, slanaghan@csudh.edu, cyarnall@csudh.edu