Passing the POW/MIA Bracelet


Passing the POW/MIA Bracelet



Brief video of the Air Force ROTC Cadets at Central Washington University passing the San Dewayne Francisco Memorial bracelet in May 2019. Detachment 895 (Cascade Cowboys) is the Air Force unit at CWU.


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Ellensburg, WA


Vietnam, United States AIr Force, Pilot, Alumni, Central Washington University


I believe the Core Values of the Air Force should be the Basis for the Bracelet. The CWU AFROTC Program embraces these sets of values in the many awards that are given to the Cadets. Those values include the following:


The quality of integrity reflects an individual’s commitment and willingness to do what is right even when no one else is looking. Individuals possessing this quality also have a strong moral compass and an inner voice of self-control that demonstrates good character. Integrity is the single most important quality or component of character.

Excellence In All You Do

In achieving this quality, an individual manifests a commitment to the highest standards of excellence and an understanding of those values underpinning our nation’s security. Morale responsibility to “do the right thing”, “say the right thing” and understand the need for organizational excellence can only be achieved when team members work together to successfully achieve a common goal.

Service Before and Above Self

This quality reflects an enduring commitment and selfless dedication to duty, family, and community, a willingness to set aside personal needs and to make personal sacrifices.

San believed in the Core Values of the USAF Reserve Officers Training Corps (AFROTC). He also believed his service as an Air Force Officer and Pilot was a duty he was fulfilling to our Country as well as a Duty and profound Commitment to his fellow Airmen.

The Francisco Family is deeply and infinitely Proud of the sacrifice San “willingly” made in behalf of our Country.

Terri Francisco Ferrall


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Passing the POW/MIA Bracelet