Central Washington University students at satellite campuses can also participate in SOURCE by presenting posters at Lynnwood or Des Moines, Washington. Abstracts describing 2013's Lynnwood and Des Moines presentations are available below.


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Thursday, May 16th
8:00 AM

Constructing a Successful Sustainable Supply Chain

Jonathan Arnold
Alexander Carroll
Quang Cao

8:00 AM

Easy to use supply chain software applications for small businesses

Eric Clark
Joko Fatou Darboe
Brandon Doucet

8:00 AM

Gender Roles of Indigenous People

Ermana Paco

8:00 AM

Local-level analysis of Multinational Corporations in Less Developed Countries

Danait Tafere

8:00 AM

Preliminary Supplier Risk Evaluation

Jason Loyles
Edward Lopez

8:00 AM

Rocky Brand Supply Chain Improvement

Sochetra Iem
Nicole Logan
Rizwan Nazarali

8:00 AM

Saudi Arabian Women: Hijab Covering

Kristina Kovalevich

8:00 AM

Scaling Up

Lindsey Eaton
Rikayla Douge
Arlen Fletcher

8:00 AM

Store Brands- Friend or Foe?

Kari Meberg
Mark McLeod
Patrick May

8:00 AM

Supply Chain Optimization at Evergreen Hospital

David Shoubridge
Shota Tsukamoto
Komei Suzuki

8:00 AM

Willis Enterprises Faces a Supply Dilemma

Anthony Ngo
Cuong Pham
Leslie Olson

8:00 AM