New Optically Pumped Far-Infrared Laser Emissions From 13CD3OH, 13CD3OD, CD3CN, and 13CD3I

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The reinvestigation of 13 CD 3 OH, 13 CD 3 OD, CD 3 CN, and 13 CD 3 I as far-infrared lasing media has been performed with an optically pumped molecular laser system utilizing a transverse pumping geometry. Thirty-four far-infrared laser emissions, with wavelengths ranging from 55.0 to 873.2 μm, have been discovered with this system. Each new laser emission is reported with its wavelength, optimal operating pressure, polarization with respect to the CO 2 pump laser, and power. When possible, the offset frequency of the CO 2 pump laser with respect to its center frequency was determined using the reported offset frequencies for known far-infrared laser emissions. Four of the laser emissions discovered for 13 CD 3 OH and 13 CD 3 OD are consistent with the wavelengths predicted from the tentative spectroscopic assignments of far-infrared laser schemes.


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