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Date of Award

Spring 2008

Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Theatre Production

First Advisor

Brenda J. Hubbard

Second Advisor

Christina Barrigan

Third Advisor

Michael J. Smith


Arms and the Man is one of Shaw's most beloved works. It's commentary on love, war and society is as applicable today as it was in the late nineteenth century. The comedy of the play is seen through the juxtaposition of character and the changes in attitude the main character and others goes through as the play progresses. Given the current conflict our country is involved in, audiences of today can readily relate to the ideas presented by Shaw on war and military action. Love is a theme that is universal and remains a timeless theme in all entertainment media of today. The two opposing ideas of war and love are reflected in the production elements. The sets, costumes, props and even characters emphasis these two sides. By combining the forms of society with the utility of life and by the mixing of period elements with a contemporary color pallet, the production presents a traditional period play with a somewhat contemporary esthetic.