The MA in Theater Studies is for those whose career goals involve teaching in higher education or pursuing a PhD in theater history, research, literature, or criticism.

This program is designed to build the research and analytical skills you will need for an academic career in theater. This resident program will unite you with a select group of students where you will work as an academic community under outstanding faculty mentors. With opportunities for hands-on teaching, and theater research, this program offers the perfect blend of theory and practice needed to prepare you for your next move as a theater scholar.

This collection features theses from Master of Arts students in the Department of Theater Studies Graduate Program at Central Washington University.


Theses from 2020


Sarah Kane's Post-Christian Spirituality in Cleansed, Elba Sanchez

Theses from 2019


Who is Paying for God: A thematic analysis of Henry Arthur Jones's religious plays in relation to the modernist trend, Jay Tyler Sharma and Jay Tyler Sharma

Theses from 2016


A Patriot for Men: The Politics of Masculinity in John Osborne's "A Patriot for Me", Joshua Kelly


A Translation and Analysis of Spring's Bride by Mohammed Dib: Creating a Space for Indigenous North African Drama, Jordan Talbot

Theses from 2015


Anarchist Strategy and Visual Rhetoric in Brazil, 1970: The Living Theatre as “The People in the Street”, Chelsea R. Roberts


Blarney in St. Louie: Performing Irishness at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904, Cassandra L. White