Document Type


Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2020

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Anthropology and Museum Studies

Committee Chair

Hope Amason

Second Committee Member

Geraldine O'Mahony


In this project, I present research I have done on the issue of pink washing queer Israeli and Palestinian citizens and homonationalism within Israel and Palestine. I also create an exhibit brief outlining a hypothetical museum exhibit on this topic to be put up at the museum of culture and environment. The first section outlines the history and theory of my exhibit, and a brief personal statement where I talk about my interest in the subject and where I’m coming from before I design this exhibit. My theory is built off concepts of diaspora, home, belonging, queer identity, and intersectionality within Israel and Palestine as well as homonationalism, as defined by Jasbir Puar. My hope is that after completing more research, a similarity can be drawn between the concepts of home for all three communities, Israelis, Palestinians and Queers. The second section is the brief itself, outlining what the exhibit would look like including personal narratives of queer Israelis and Palestinians and a brief outline of the conflict so as to give visitors context. I also elaborate on possible sources of funding and a rough timeline for when I would go to collect narratives and information from the region itself and the time needed to finish building the exhibit.