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Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2022

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Bachelor of Science



Committee Chair

William Provaznik

Second Committee Member

Matthew Martinson


The professional world is evolving, and business leaders are required to operate in sometimes difficult situations for which they might feel unprepared. While in recent years, research on emotional intelligence has shown to be an important leadership component, it is not always translated successfully to business leadership nor contextualized to young leaders. This project aims to present a workshop to help people in leadership communicate effectively with their employees using skills stemming from increased emotional intelligence. The workshop draws on a range of literature and experiences in leadership training and emotional intelligence. Key concepts that serve as the focal points of the workshop include self-awareness and relationship management and managing difficult conversations through awareness of communication styles under stress. In addition to addressing these concepts during the workshop, participants will receive information and tools to continue to explore these topics as they develop as leaders.

By improving leadership skills, leaders can create environments where employees are comfortable and where vulnerability and communication are encouraged. Such shifts not only create a better working environment, but also create conditions where productivity can thrive.