Document Type

Undergraduate Project

Date of Degree Completion

Spring 2023

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Engineering Technology

Committee Chair

Charles Pringle, PE or Dr.John Choi

Second Committee Member

Mr. Chris Berkshire


Team members Nate and Max were tasked with designing, building, and testing an RC controlled vehicle to complete in a competition. This competition consists of an off-road course, on road course, and an obstacle course. The team set out to win this competition by creating a more than capable vehicle for the competition. This engineering report will cover Max’s contributions to the project.

The team was split into two roles. Max taking on steering and suspension, Nate taking on drivetrain and chassis. Each team member took responsibility for the design and construction of those systems. The design chosen was based off a real-life trophy truck. The team’s goal was to make the remote-controlled vehicle as close as possible to the real truck. Requirements were set individually as a baseline for success of the project. The team used their requirements to determine how the truck as designed. Additionally, the requirements drove what materials parts would be constructed of. Max used real word parts to model the appearance of parts and backed the parts with analysis. Analysis was done on twelve large parts to ensure the parts would hold up to the testing and competition.

The testing of the vehicle and the competition were both used to determine the success of the project. The truck meeting all its requirements and doing well in the competition being successful.