An Examination of Current Collaborative Supply Chain Practices

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Finance and Supply Chain Management

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This paper presents the findings from a survey conducted among 667 members of the National Association of Purchasing Managers-Western Washington (NAPM-WW), the local chapter of the Institute of Supply Management (ISM), to provide insights into current collaborative supply chain practices. In this study, Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for effective collaborative planning are discovered, the impact of collaborative planning on supply chain performance is assessed and the importance of the use of Information Technologies (!Ts) is examined. Our search enabled us to uncover 27 CSFs for effective collaborative planning. In addition to success factors, many factors acting as barriers against effective collaborative planning are explored. The findings also confirmed that collaborative planning significantly impacts supply chain performance positively. It is hoped that the research findings will be helpful and encourage companies lo develop better relationships with their strategic partners.


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International Journal of Business Innovation and Research


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