A Hybrid Push-Pull Model Based Multiagent Supply-Chain System with Equilibrium Analysis

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Finance and Supply Chain Management

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This paper describes the design of UAM-TAC, a multi-agent based supply-chain system that competed in TAC SCM (Trading Agent Competition Supply Chain Management) 2007. UAM-TAC consists of a procurement agent, an inventory agent, a production agent, a bidding agent and a delivery agent. By employing the equilibrium policy derived from the projected dynamic system, UAM-TAC establishes a game-theoretic hybrid push-pull model to control the supply chain system through the interactions among the agents. The game performance demonstrates that UAM-T AC is very responsive to the market price fluctuations and capacity variability. It's observed that the system can adjust its plan based on the feedback from the market quickly and they jointly control the component costs and selling price at a reasonable level.


This article was originally published in European Journal of Business Research.

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European Journal of Business Research

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