Walking, fitness, body composition and inch loss

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Twenty-two women aged 53.4±8.6 years (mean ± SD) walked four nights per week for eight weeks at 76% of maximum heart rate in an indoor facility. The women maintained their regular diet as evidenced by comparison of three-day diet records before and during the study. The fitness level of the women improved. Resting heart rate improved from 78.2±9.9 beats per minute (bpm) to 71.4±9.9 bpm after eight weeks of walking (p<0.05). Heart rate after 6 minutes on a treadmill set at 3 miles per hour also improved (117±19.0 bpm before to 110.6±11.1 bpm after, p<0.05). The subjects lost weight (75.23±17.9 kg before to 74.55±17.81 kg after, p<0.05), and reduced percent body fat (34.4±6.0 to 33.4±6.0 percent, p<0.005). Circumference measures only indicated a reduction in one area. The chest measure reduced from 40.9±5.4 to 39.8±5.2 inches, (p<0.005). Therefore, this study indicated that walking can result in increased fitness, weight loss, and fat loss. Inch loss may not be as easily detectable.


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